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Who We Are

You probably know us for our WOW customer service, but what else drives our success in online retail after over 20 years in business?

It all starts with our passionate and determined people. Our in-house subject matter experts are powered by behind-the scenes capabilities designed to help us deliver the very best experience for our customers, vendors, and for our fellow Zapponians.

Our specialized teams offer a wealth of experience and unique industry insights in a variety of areas like data engineering, customer research, employee productivity and more. Years of pursuing growth and learning allow us to exercise real, creative solutions that turn theories and big ideas into reality.

Now YOU can leverage our expertise to propel your business to next-level growth! We aren't just experts who know our stuff - we put them into practice every day, creating customized, project-based solutions that help businesses of all sizes pursue their growth potential.

We are Zappos Expertise. It's great to meet you.

Solutions That Deliver WOW

Our specialized teams are ready to deliver tried-and-tested solutions tailored for every facet of your business goals.


Let's take a deep dive into your customer base and create actionable steps to increase conversion rates.


From requirement analysis to full app development, we've got the expertise for any and all parts of the process.


Present an impactful, visually cohesive brand identity with our team's diverse design expertise.


With pricing, new product and usability research, we help you focus your ideas towards what really matters to your customer.


Our coaching service helps improve focus, increase productivity, and reduce overwhelm on an individual and team level.


We take years of in-house experience turning raw data into engines of insight to create real solutions for your business.


Through a data-driven approach, we design and implement innovative solutions and process improvements that drive new revenue, cost savings, and time efficiencies.


We build sustained consumer awareness via social networks and brand affinity through multiple platforms; brand storytelling, engaging content and design, partnerships, and feel-good moments.


Our goal is to identify and implement the most effective approaches, techniques, and ideologies that help businesses and teams become more effective and successful.

The Zappos Difference

We build solutions specifically tailored to your unique needs, delivering real, tangible impact towards your company's bottom line.

If you have a project that requires specific skillsets to achieve your next level of growth and success, we're here to help.

They say failure is one of life's best teachers, and we've made our fair share of mistakes at Zappos over our 20-year history. By leveraging our expertise, you can skip many of the common mistakes businesses make along the way.

We've learned the value and importance of the iteration process with every stage of growth and learning. In fact, it's one of our 10 Core Values (#5: Pursue Growth & Learning). We build on what works and learn from what didn't.

With Zappos Expertise, you can leverage the brainpower and proven methodologies of our team of experts in technology, marketing, strategic goal execution, and design. We're excited to lend our deep knowledge and best practices that have made Zappos an industry leader to help companies like yours tackle the challenges of growth.


We look to combine the commercial and creative to create solutions that drive value.

Real World

Our customized solutions are driven by our everyday challenges. It's an everyday balance of theory and practice.


You can count on our smart, customer-focused teams to be at your service, delivering the same passion and commitment to helping your business grow.

Let's Start Here

Our specialized teams are here to help you take your business to the next level of growth! Let us help tackle your biggest roadblocks today.

You Might Be Wondering: Why Zappos Expertise?

At Zappos, we've been pushing boundaries since day one, all while staying committed to our 10 Core Values. We're so much more than an online marketplace; we're a service company that just happens to sell ________. That blank has allowed us to dream big and continue to evolve in a rapidly innovating market. To learn more about the unique org structure that allows us to offer services way beyond customer service, check out this article by our Lead Organizational Designer.

Zappos Expertise fills in that blank with customized, project-based solutions to take businesses of all sizes to the next level. Think of it as the next evolution of our service-centric business model.

For services focused on customer service, company culture, and people/HR the Zappos way, check out Zappos Insights.

Our Work

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  • Amazon Marketplace
  • Customer Research
  • Data Science
  • Full Stack
  • Process Optimization


The platform that lets you customize your organizational structure and operations to fit the way your team works.

Identifying Product Features

The client gained a strong understanding of the optimum features to offer in their space, allowing for better decisions around costs and benefits to their bottom line.

Reducing Returns

Zappos reduced sizing-related returns by 10% which had a significant material impact on the bottom line.

Inventory Management

Optimization team built a new inventory risk process by leveraging data and utilizing people in the merchandising team more effectively

Loyalty Rewards Program

Zappos applied a customer-centric approach in identifying perks that emphasized non-monetary rewards.

Making Search Personal

What started as an engineering problem turned into an opportunity to personalize search to the individual customer.

Marketplace Services

The Amazon Marketplace specialists within Zappos created a program that provided measurable á la carte services to vendors.

Our Team

The Zapponians behind the Solutions that Deliver Wow

Dustin Sitar

Zappos Expertise Lead

John Bunch

ZE Chief Technology Advisor

Ameen Kazerouni

Head of ML Research and Platforms

Andrew Suft

Lead Full Stack Engineer

Ashley Nahin

Senior Creative Designer

Mike Williams

Enterprise Productivity Architect

Alex Genov

Customer Research Specialist

Conor Fathe-Aazam

Creative Director

Chris Peake

Change Management Specialist

Deeksha Paliwal

Sr. Data Scientist

Michael Poremba

Sr. Business Process Architect